I'm sure you've looked at a ton of websites at this point. I know it can be overwhelming. It means a lot to me that you're considering hiring me as your photographer. I'm sure you have questions. I'll try to answer the basic ones below and tell you a bit about myself in the process...


I could easily write an essay full of reasons why its important to choose a photographer you like, who's work you admire, but there are so many, very well written articles already. I’m sure you’ve seen some before but here’s one I really love (http://huff.to/YHqMgz) written by Elizabeth Messina, (an award winning wedding photographer. One of my heroes!) 
This little bit in particular from Messina’s article says it all:

There are few things you get to take home with you after your wedding day: your spouse, your ring and your photographs. I will never forget an image I took of my 83-year-old grandmother, holding a portrait taken on her wedding day 60 years earlier. The beauty of her old hands gently holding an image of herself as a bride still tugs at my heart. I had seen her wedding portrait displayed on her dresser since I was a child; it is etched in my memory. Photographs that capture the essence of your experience become part of your personal history, a history you will undoubtedly share with your children and grandchildren. As you prioritize your wedding day and how you will distribute your finances, never underestimate the value of photography. Your wedding photographs will become family heirlooms. -Elizabeth Messina



Family Mini Collections start at $250
Lifestyle Portrait Collections start at $600
Couples Collections start at $350
Senior Portraits Collections Start at $350
Brand sessions start at $800
Elopement Collections start at $1500

Wedding Collections start at $2,400. However pricing varies greatly depending on the number of hours of coverage and what is included, so please contact me for a personalized quote. 

My prices aren’t concrete. I work with a few smaller budget wedding couples each year, so don’t let price be the limiting factor on contacting me.

If what you're looking for isn’t listed, please contact me and we can talk. P.S. I love working with LGBTQ couples!


Being photographed is an intimate experience. Thank you for your trust! I do minimal posing aimed at artistic imagery and fostering authentic connection. My goal is for you two to have fun and focus on each other (and ideally, forget that I’m even there). I also do some more artistic non traditional photos but my focus is on encouraging organic moments between subjects. On wedding days I mostly try to stay in the background, capturing beautiful, natural moments as they unfold, with minimal intervention. I believe in documenting emotional imagery and curating a visual story of your day. I think you’re more beautiful than you know and I love capturing moments of pure humanity. My aesthetic is continually being influenced and refined, but one thing that never changes is my love of film-like editing, artistry and deep connections.
My style won't be a match for everyone and thats ok. I love warm, rich, deep tones, I love black and white, and sometimes my favorite shot is slightly out of focus. My perfect couple is artsy, free spirited and isn't afraid to get their feet a little muddy while hiking through the woods looking for the perfect spot with me.



I live in Door County, WI, in a house in the woods with my spouse and our very energetic 2 year old. I love to travel and about a quarter of my shoots/weddings are out of state. I’m just a plane ride away from everywhere. I love the mountains, I love the desert, I love the rocky coastlines. I love canyons and cliffsides and forests and sandy beaches. The world is full of so much beauty and I want to take photos of it all, with you!

The thought of shooting lovers in these places makes my heart beat a little bit faster.

 Ireland / Iceland / Italy / France / Germany / Puerto Rico / Joshua Tree / New Zealand / South Africa / Hawaii


Feel free to email me with any questions you may have! At artemis.portraits@gmail.com