I could easily write an essay full of reasons why its important to choose a good photographer, but there are so many very well written articles already. I’m sure you’ve seen some before but here’s one I really like (http://huff.to/YHqMgz) written by Elizabeth Messina, (a well respected and award winning wedding photographer. One of my heroes!)

I can’t help but quote this section from Messina’s article. Although she is writing specifically about weddings, it still applies to all types of photos in my mind:

There are few things you get to take home with you after your wedding day: your spouse, your ring and your photographs. I will never forget an image I took of my 83-year-old grandmother, holding a portrait taken on her wedding day 60 years earlier. The beauty of her old hands gently holding an image of herself as a bride still tugs at my heart. I had seen her wedding portrait displayed on her dresser since I was a child; it is etched in my memory. Photographs that capture the essence of your experience become part of your personal history, a history you will undoubtedly share with your children and grandchildren. As you prioritize your wedding day and how you will distribute your finances, never underestimate the value of photography. Your wedding photographs will become family heirlooms. -Elizabeth Messina

Photography Collection Details...

- Family Portrait Collections start at $200

- Engagement Collections start at $300

- Wedding collections vary greatly in hours of coverage and what is included, so please contact me for more info.
Discounts are offered for non-Saturday events and Elopements.

- Please contact me for more information on all collections or in regards to Boudoir and other types of photography.

I love to travel! I'm more than happy to go anywhere in the world for assignments. 
For weddings I travel within 200 miles of Fish Creek, WI for free, but I ask that a hotel stay be provided in some cases. For locations further than 200 miles away please contact me for a travel quote.

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have!